Type Pendant Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Pendant ceiling suspension system, the horizontal feed bar,horizontal bar at the wet and dry equipment carrier system integrates twooluşmaktadır.Aynı column / rack mounted to the ceiling with edilmiştir.Tüm electricity,gas and other installations, horizontal bars, roof racks pass through. Electrical andgas outlets mounted on the horizontal bar for each patient on edilmiştir.Barın has the following electrical and gas outlets.

· 16 pieces and 16 pieces of electrical outlets ground node
· 3 piece oxygen outlet
· 3-piece vacuum outlet
· 3 pieces of compressed air (4bar) jack
· 1 RJ45 Data Socket

Pendant is an ISO 9001 - EN 46001 quality standard norms and that the pendantmedical gas and vacuum outlets uygundur.Cihaz EN 737-1 and ISO 9001 standardsand the rotational movement of the carrier systems against horizontal movementtowards the desired position with friction brakes sabitlenebilir.Aynı time, dry side of the device carrier system, devices such as monitors and ventilator to carry off the shelf oluşur.Raflar two 430x480 mm and has approximately 40 kg carrying capacity of at least sahiptir.Taşıyıcı can be rotated 180 degrees around the vertical axis. Wet-party device, the carrier system, a system that will carry infizyon and syringe pumpsand a total carrying capacity of four serum-stand oluşmaktadır.Sistemin is at least 110 kg.


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